About us

We are Opal Bazaar. A Transformational online Jewelry Place in NYC & Casablanca since 2010.

Your one-stop place for Solid Sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones.

History says "Jewelry is for special days". We say: “There are no special days, jewelry is what makes our memories and keep them alive”. Hence, there are days when we feel like a minimalist jewel, and others when we crave the most striking stacking and layering pieces… Our mission is to bring you designs that speak to your imagination and fit your mood on a daily basis… All you have to is  "Sparkle" because then, you are “You”.

We wake up everyday looking up to one-of-a-kind pieces, expressing our inspiration and delivering it in a tiny beautiful piece of jewelry, though one that has the power to make you feel unique. 

We are here to serve!